Running out of credits?

Extend your AWS free credits

Get up to $2000 / month extra thanks to CreditHero magic

Connect your repositories

For every startup that runs out of AWS credits there are ~3 that get fresh credits, and only 25% of startups use all of their credits.

Deploy on git push

CreditHero deploys your stack into the AWS account of another participating startup

It just works

That's it - you effectively get extra free credits! CreditHero ensures fair usage.

Why share?

The more you spend the more credits AWS gives you. Big spenders may get $200k of free credits while most don't get more than $15k. You can opt-out of CreditHero anytime and use those extra credits however you like.

Is this even legal?

Surprisingly, yes. AWS Promotional Credit Terms & Conditions prohibit re-selling, but nothing stops one from hosting friendly startup's apps in their account for free. In fact that's a common practice among founders.